Into the Barovian Darkness

The Winery

The group decides to leave Ireena at the chapel in Valaki. The group heads towards the vineyard. They come upon a man at the edge of the trees beckoning the group. The man leads them to the edge or the trees and a group of people come out. Some evil druids and blights have taken over the winery. The group decides to head to the winery to face the druids and blights. The group gets to the winery and try to enter through the loading dock. The group shuts the door and barricades the door with wine barrels. The group goes to the basement and see druid saying the words to form a spell. Rotu takes out two of the blights. Xander takes out a blight. Dereck grabs some wine bottles and hit one with a bottle and drank the other bottle while he watches the battle now with double vision. The druid sends us a wave of thunderous force that sweeps out and damages our group and pushed them back. Rotu takes out 2 of the druids and moves right up to the druid. Xander moves in contact with the druid and wiffs both attacks. Gideon moves up and shoots and misses the druid. Dereck moves up to the druid and does a little damage. Fortunately he hit the right image with his double vision. Rotu moves up and throws a couple of javelins at the druid and completely misses. Xander shoots at the druid and misses. Gideon paralyzes the druid. Dereck moves up and attacks the druid and misses first two attacks and does 6 hit points of damage. Rotu moves up and takes his bloody great sword out and wipes the blood from his sword and slightly grins at the druid. He puts the sword under the druids chin and takes his other hand an punches the sword with the palm of his hand and the sword went through the druids neck. They took a secret passage and saw some mold that the cold is generating from.
The group moves upstairs and breaks down a door. A lady was dumping liquid into a large cask and the twig creatures were climbing out and moving towards us. The group begins to mow through the twig creatures. Xander does a five point slash to kill the druid. The druid is wearing a necklace made of human teeth. The ravens swoop down and kill off the rest of the twig creatures. Each one of the wines have been poisoned. We defeated 2 of the druids and the twig creatures.


The four adventurers head off on horses towards Vallaki. The four come upon a rickety old wagon. The hag is pushing her cart along and knocking on the door and going from house to house knocking a door. She sells dream pastries for a gold a piece. Gideon eats the pastry that was purchased from the hag. It has been cloudy the whole time during their journey. They come up a river that is clear and are going to cross the river. The group look for a place to stay the night. A raven has been following the group for a distance. Gideon takes a shot at the raven and misses wildly and the raven flies off. Zander looks back and sees 2 ravens following the group. They begin to smell a really bad smell like a dead body. Now they look and see several ravens following them. The group hears twigs cracking and the horses are getting spooked. There is something rolling in the vegetations that forms into human like creatures. We begin to fight the twig creatures and the ravens that was following the group flew down upon the twig creatures and began to attack them. Rotu killed one of the twig creatures with a vicious blow from the double edged axe. Gideon is scared and begins to run away until Rotu threatens him and he comes back to the fight and hits one of the twig creatures. Derrick hits the twig creature with his fists and tore the top half off of the creature’s head off. Zander kills the last twig creature and the ravens were around and an enormous bat flies down into the ravens and the ravens fled and the bat flew off in another direction. The group comes to a crossroad and the gallows are in view with a rope dangling from the old wooden structure. The is a plot of graves shrouded in fog. The group walks away from the gallows they hear a creaking sound and the ghost hanging in the gallows. Gideon sees himself hanging in the gallows as the ghost. The group met up with a group of gypsies. One gypsy approaches and tells the group that one of the gypsy women said that they were told this group would be here. Rotu talks with the gypsy. She knew a little about each adventurer. She got out the cards to begin tell us how our fate will be. The first card reveal is the beggar card. (A wounded elf has what we seek. He will part with the treasure to see his dark dreams fulfilled.) The second card revealed is the evoker. (Search for the crypt of the wizard ordinaire his withered staff is the key.) The third card revealed is abjurer. (A fallen house guarded by a great stone dragon…look to the highest peak.) The fourth card revealed is the ghost. (Fallen paladin of a fallen order of knights and lingers like a ghost in a dead dragon’s liar.) The fifth card revealed in the horseman. (He lurks in the one place he must return which is death.) The group rests at the camp for the night.

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